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Help us reduce the effect of COVID-19
in Rural Mozambique, Southern Africa


Fig.1 Girl preparing lunch

Context and Challenges

The Corona Virus Pandemic has already reached Mozambique, one of the
poorest countries on earth, with approximately 67% 1 of its population living in rural areas.

  • Rural populations commute everyday to urban areas to practice informal commerce.

  • Almost 50% of the population lives under the poverty line, with less than70 cents, 73% of which goes to food expenses 2.

  • $109 per month meets the basic needs of a five-member family.

  • The ratio of health providers/inhabitants is 6/10.000³ and even higher in rural areas.

  • Rural Mozambicans still have to walk 1 hour or more to fetch water o catch public transportation⁴

¹ Census, 2017
World Bank, 2018. This amount is updated considering the inflation rates until

2019. In 2015 it was estimated at 25.85 MZN/day per capita.
³ SARA, 2018
⁴ INE, IOF 2015


Fig.2 Girls fetching water


Fig.3 Public Transportation

Sadly, we in the United States of America, as well as other nations, are facing one of the biggest challenges with this COVID-19 pandemic. However, for countries like Mozambique, the spread of the pandemic would be highly devastating due to:

  • Lack of capacity in the health care system (fig.4).

  • Poor sanitation (lack of water for personal hygiene and food preparation)

  • Population lacks financial means to stock food


Fig 4. Health facility

  • High contact between rural
    and urban population due to
    need to practice informal
    commerce, for food for the

  • System of Social Assistance
    is weak and not all

Relief and Prevention of the Spread in Rural Areas

I Can Do all Things, Inc., (ICDAT), has partnered with MOC, UNITED2HELP and O.D.M., to organize, “FOOD FOR RURAL MOZAMBIQUE,” a fundraising campaign that will consist of providing a basic food basket for a total of 1,500 families.

  • The cost per food basket is estimated at $40 for each family of five;

  • The food basket will reinforce family meals for at least 2 weeks;

  • Your giving will help rural families to self-quarantine for at least 14 days.

As a long-term goal, ICDAT and partners will support rural Mozambique with
more sustainable efforts including the training of peasants to establish local
food banks from their crops.


Please open your heart and consider doing something amazing to support a
family in need. DONATIONS IN ANY AMOUNT are highly valued and deeply
Thank you.

Please Note:

$40 supports a family of five.      $400 supports 10 families.

$4000 supports 100 families.


ICDAT, Inc., a US-based 501(C)3 organization, has been providing educational support services to underprivileged communities in Arizona since 2007 and in Southern Africa since 2016. Visit us at Email:

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